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Epi Pen Certification

Aim of the Course:

  • To be certificated in helping to assist known clients with a history of anaphylactic reactions and have been prescribed their own Auto Adrenaline Injector

The Course is designed for:

  • People who have a valid first aid or pool rescue qualification

  • People who may assist anybody with a known history of anaphylactic reactions and have been prescribed an Auto-Adrenaline Injector

Syllabus Includes:

  • Recognition of an allergic reaction

  • Management of Anaphylaxis without shock

  • Administration of adrenaline by intra-muscular injection

  • Awareness of contra indications, side effects and storage implications


  • Continual assessment by the tutor

  • Completion of the course worksheet

  • Full participation in group activities

  • Ability to demonstrate various anaphylactic scenarios in a safe manner


  • 13 years of age or older

  • Hold a valid First Aid or Pool Rescue Qualification

Validity of Award:

  • 24 months

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