NPLQ - National Pool Lifeguard Qualification  


  • To enable the candidate to be competent in dealing with poolside emergencies and first aid situations

The Course is designed for:

  • People who wish to enter the leisure industry or gain essential skills

Pre Requisites:

  • 16 years of age at the start of the course

  • To be able to swim 100m on the front and the back

  • To be able to swim 50m in 1 minute or less

  • Dive to the bottom of the deepest part of the pool

  • Tread water for 30 seconds

  • Climb out of the pool unaided at the deep end

Validity of Award

  • 24 Months from date of assessment

  • The qualification qualfication is valid when acting as a lifeguard whilst supervising a swimming pool

External Assessment

  • Practical resuscitation assessment covering adult, child and baby CPR

  • Practical pool rescue assessment including aquatic spinal injury rescue

  • Answering a variety of oral questions to the satisfaction of the assessor

  • Demonstration first aid skills.

Mandatory Units:

  • Unit 1 - The Principles of Lifesaving and Swimming Pool Supervision

  • Unit 2 - The Application of Supervision and rescue in a Swimming Pool

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