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BG&G run CPD modules thoroughout the year.


If you have any particular topic you wish covered please fill out the form below.


These are the most common CPD's that we run throughout the year:


  • Breatstroke and Butterfly

  • Frontcrawl and backstroke

  • Starts and Turns

  • Games and Gamemaking from beginner's to waterpolo

  • Surviving personal survival

  • Diabetes

  • Lifesaving/water safety

  • Including the disabled swimmers

  • Basic life support for swimming teachers and FAW annual refresher

  • Drills and skills - all 4 strokes

  • Freestyle technique - drills , starts, turns

  • Backstroke technique - drills, starts, turns

  • Breastroke technique - drills, starts, turns  

  • Butterfly technique - drills, starts, turns

  • Introducing waterpolo

  • The importance of sculling!

  • Indvidual medley - master that back to breast turn

  • Constrasting activities

  • Analysing strokes in BLABT

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