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STA A - Level 2 Award in Swimming Teaching

Aim of the Course:

  • The STA Award in Swimming Teaching aims to produce teachers that can teach up to 12 non-swimmers through to improver partipants.

  • You may also act as an assistant swimming teacher and can teach larger classes or advanced skills under the direct supervision of a swimming teacher qualified to a certificate level


  • Be 16 years of age

  • Hold current membership of the STA

Length of Course:

  • Total Qualification Time – 68 Hours

  • Recommended contact hours are 38 hours (x5 Days)


  • Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults (A/615/4669)

  • Planning, Delivering, Assessing and Evaluating Swimming Lessons (R/616/9114)

  • Understand a Swimming Teachers’ role (Y/616/9115)

  • Understanding the Health and Safety Requirements for an Aquatic Environment (H/616/9115)

  • Understanding the Scientific and Learning Theories Relevant to Swimming Teaching (K/616/9118)


  • The STA Award in Swimming Teaching is tutor assessed through the completion of worksheets, schemes of work, lesson plans, lesson evaluation forms and practical teaching

  • In addition, to this there is an external assessment of a 30-minute practical lesson on the final day of the course

  • On successful completion of the STA Award in Swimming Teaching learners will have completed and been assessed on:

  • Developing 2x ten-week schemes of work, covering delivery to beginners and improver participants

  • Developing 3x lesson plans, covering non-swimmer, beginner and improver participants

  • Completing 3x lesson evaluation forms

  • Delivering 2.5 hours of practical teaching with non-swimmer, beginner and improver participants, 30 minutes of which is externally assessed

  • All learning outcomes and assessment criteria in the units must be achieved in order for the learner to be deemed competent and pass the qualification

  • Incorrect or insufficient portfolio answers can be corrected or re-submitted in the notes section at the end of the portfolio worksheets. Alternatively, they can be addressed through oral supplementary questioning. All additional questions and responses must be recorded in the notes section of the worksheets.

  • All practical elements must be completed and performed independently by the learner without prompting by the tutor.



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